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Small Group

 We are so excited you are here to 

We are so excited that you are here to help make it happen.

Whether or not you feel qualified or ready to lead, we pray that the Holy Spirit would do an amazing work through you. We pray with expectation that He would go beyond what we ask or imagine. God has appointed you for this time and place to lead these students through an amazing week of Conference.

Small Group Leader Guide

Lay of the Land. Who your Team Pastors Are & Church Are.

Bible Study Team Pastors

2024_220_Small Group Leader booklet_map_10.png

Icebreakers Games & Questions

Devo Day 1

Tuesday AM

Devo Day 3

Tuesday AM

Devo Day 2

Tuesday AM

Devo Day 4

Friday AM

2024_220_Small Group Leader booklet_map.png
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